Sep 23 5:00 PM
6:00 PM
Salesforce Info Session @ Gates Building, room 104

The Computer Forum presents: Salesforce Info Session Speaker: Kedar Doshi, Salesforce CTO, Stanford MSCS 1997 David Hauser: Senior Director, Software Development, Stanford BSCS 2000 Date: September 23, 2014 Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm Location: Gates Building, room 104 Dinner will be served! Abstract: Meet our team of Stanford graduates headlined by CTO Kedar Doshi. We will talk about Salesforce as the industry leading cloud computing application platform serving 2 Billion+ transactions per day and technology behind Forbes' Most Innovative Company for 4 straight years. Bio: Kedar has led the development of scalable, performant and reliable enterprise applications for the last 15 years at leaders in this space, including the last 11 years at Salesforce. His current focus as CTO of CRM & Chatter at Salesforce is bringing the best of the social web to the enterprise David is a 7-year veteran at managing engineering teams across our industry leading Sales Cloud product line. Prior to Salesforce, David spent time in engineering and management roles at Lawson Software, Peoplesoft, and He lives in Oakland with his wife Sarah of 9 years and 3 young kids, Eli, Camille, and Marc. He is an avid tennis player and during his time on the farm, he was a member of the 2-time NCAA Championship Men's Tennis Team in 1997 and 1998. Tyler Crimm, Siddhi Soman, Wenqing Dao, Justin Meyer, Katharine Matsumoto -- Recent Stanford CS Graduates and all star engineers from our Data Science, UI, Security, Search, and Sales Cloud engineering teams Add event to your calendar: Salesforce Info Session <> -- Trudy Gonzalez Recruiting Coordinator Computer Forum 650 723-2999 Office hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm PST
Sep 23 6:30 PM
7:30 PM
Square Tech Talk And Info Session @ Stanford University, Packard Building, Room 101

The Computer Forum presents: What: Tech Talk and Info Session Who: Michael White (Square Engineering Manager), Peter Westen (Square Engineer), and the Square Recruiting Team When: Tuesday, September 23rd from 6:30-7:30pm Where: Stanford University, Packard Building, Room 101 Grub: Free Dinner from Oaxacan Kitchen Mobile Questions? Email Reserve Your Ticket (RSVP): Join Square for a tech talk and info session offering a glimpse into our culture and the innovative work we do at Square. Stanford alums Michael White, CS '12 and Peter Westen, CS MS '01 will discuss "Start-up Within Start-up: The Architecture of Square Cash". After the talk, we'll welcome one of your favorite FOOD TRUCKS, Oaxacan Kitchen. We'll also have new Square T-SHIRTS for all who attend. For more info, email us at, tweet @joinsquare, or check out If interested in engineering opportunities (intern or new grad), please apply via Cardinal Careers! Bio: Michael is a Engineering Manager on the Payment Experience team here at Square. He graduated from Stanford in 2012 with a Undergraduate degree in CS. Peter Westen works on the Square Cash team here at Square, he graduated from 2000 with a degree in Symbolic Systems with a Masters in CS in from Stanford in 2001. Add event to your calendar: Square Info Session <> -- Trudy Gonzalez Recruiting Coordinator Computer Forum 650 723-2999 Office hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm PST
Sep 25 11:30 AM
1:30 PM
Rocket Fuel Back To School Event @ Gates Building

The Computer Forum presents.... Rocket Fuel back to school event! GROW WITH US We're the Fastest-Growing Tech Company in America Welcome back to school Stanford! Start off the quarter with a cronut! Come by the Gates Building on Thursday, September 25th from 11:30am - 1:30pm. We want to meet you! Add event to your calendar: Rocket Fuel <> -- Trudy Gonzalez Recruiting Coordinator Computer Forum 650 723-2999 Office hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm PST
Sep 25 6:30 PM
7:30 PM
Facebook Info Session @ Packard Building, room 101

COMPUTER FORUM presents..... *Facebook Info Session* *Talk Title: The Making of Instagram's Hyperlapse** **Speaker: Thomas Dimson, Software Engineer on Instagram's Data team (and an **Engineer on Facebook Recently released app Hyperlapse)** **Date: September 25, 2014** **Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm** **Location: Packard Building, room 101* *It wouldn't be a Facebook event without food and swag, so come hungry!* * **Abstract:* The team and technology behind Instagram's recently launched app Hyperlapse. We will discuss the engineering challenges faced in making moving time lapses possible on a mobile phone: gyroscopic and speed-aware stabilization, adaptive zoom, and integration Apple's AVFoundation. Hyperlapse's development team consisted of three individuals; we will describe how a tight-knit relationship between design and engineering made a difficult technology simple enough for anyone to use. *Bio:* Thomas Dimson is a Software Engineer on Instagram's Data team and an engineer on their recently released app Hyperlapse. Prior to joining Instagram, he was on the team at Luma, a Stanford-led startup, which was acquired by Facebook during the Summer of 2013. Dimson then worked part-time at Instagram while finishing his Master's in Computer Science in Artificial Intelligence depth at Stanford University. Dimson is originally from Toronto, Ontario and received his BS from Waterloo in 2010 with degrees in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Double Honours. *RSVP here:*
Sep 29 12:00 PM
1:00 PM
Career Strategy Workshop - Getting Noticed & Securing Opportunities @ Gates Building, room 104

The Computer Forum would like to invite you to the 1st Career Strategy Workshop - Getting Noticed & Securing Opportunities on Monday, Sept. 29, at 12pm in Gates 104. *Career Strategy Workshop** **Title: Getting Noticed & Securing Opportunities** **Speaker: Paul Sledd & Nicole Dresser** **Date: September 29, 2014** **Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm** **Location: Gates Building, room 104* Lunch will be provided! *Abstract:* We will begin by building a list of student questions on tactics for writing an effective resume, career fair success, "elevator pitches," interviewing in various formats (30 minute, 5 hour, technical, behavioral), and how to build progressive experiences throughout an undergraduate or graduate degree. In addition to responding to students, we will present examples from our global recruiting experience. *Bio:* Paul Sledd is a university technical recruiter who manages strategic talent acquisition from Brown University, California Institute of Technology, and Stanford University. Hope to see you there! -Connie -- ********************************* Connie Chan Executive Director Stanford Computer Forum T: 650.723.9689 F: 650.725.7411
Sep 29 3:30 PM
4:30 PM
Bloomberg Info Session @ **Gates Building, room 104**

COMPUTER FORUM presents...... *Bloomberg Info Session** **Speaker: James Hodson, Lead Developer for the Machine Learning R&D Team** **Date: September 29, 2014** **Time: 3:30pm - 4:30pm** **Location: Gates Building, room 104** * Food will be served! *Abstract:* James Hodson, a developer lead from the Machine Learning R&D team will speak on the advanced research arm of Bloomberg L.P., using NLP and Machine Learning to add value to the huge streams of real-time data being generated by the global financial markets. This talk concentrates on the tools that Labs develops for analyzing and making predictions from millions of news stories and social media messages each day. Add it to your calendar, please click on the link below
Sep 29 5:00 PM
6:00 PM
Intentional Software Info Session @ Gates Building, room 104

The Computer Forum presents: Intentional Software Info Session Speaker: Paul Kwiatkowski, Chief Architect Date: September 29, 2014 Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm Location: Gates Building, room 104 Food will be served! Please bring your resume to change for raffle ticket! Must be present to win. Raffle prize: A drone! **Should you win the raffle, you will be asked for your current Stanford student ID card** Abstract: Conventional software platforms treat the user's data as a secondary concern, focusing on relatively low-level services an application may or may not use. Intentional Software is developing a platform that turns this model inside-out. Application authors must focus on precisely capturing the user's intent and contributions, and defining projections of the user's work as interactive UI tailored for various tasks. By conforming to this model, an application automatically acquires a rich set of high-level functionality that few companies can afford to develop themselves. Bio: Paul Kwiatkowski, Chief Architect at Intentional Software, leads development for the Platform and Applications teams. After completing his Bachelor's in Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo, Paul worked at Microsoft Research under Charles Simonyi, Intentional's chairman and founder, on the original Intentional Programming project there. Between stints working for Charles, Paul was on the Windows UI Platform team at Microsoft. Before settling on platform development, Paul wrote software for designing sewers, and implemented a machine-vision based tomato sorting machine. Add event to your calendar: Intentional Software <> For more info about Intentional Software, please click <> -- Trudy Gonzalez Recruiting Coordinator Computer Forum 650 723-2999 Office hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm PST
Sep 29 6:30 PM
7:30 PM
Microsoft Info Session @ Packard Building, room 101

COMPUTER FORUM Presents ...... *Microsoft Info Session** **Speaker: Paul Sledd, University Recruiting** **Date: September 29, 2014** **Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm** **Location: Packard Building, room 101* Dinner will be served! *Abstract:* Microsoft is rapidly adapting its engineering groups, product offerings, and culture to satisfy global customer needs in a cloud-first, mobile-first world. Innovating with a unique set of platforms and productivity products, Microsoft has moved from spreading the availability of personal computing towards enabling people to strive for their full potential. Today, you get a chance to Meet The Company, learn about how we are changing, and ask your most important questions about opportunities and the future of Microsoft. *Bio:* Paul and his Stanford alumni team are pleased to visit Stanford again this Fall! Paul has been the technical recruiter at Stanford since 2012, and he has a portfolio of 7 additional universities where he has recruited since 2011. During this time, he has placed hundreds of student hires and interns across every product group, software, hardware, services, and sciences at Microsoft. Prior to joining Microsoft, Paul worked for Target Corporation as well as The Dow Chemical Company. Coming to Microsoft and Seattle are by far his favorite combination of professional and personal milestones since receiving his degrees from UIUC. Add it to your calendar, please click on the link below